Rafaella - Women's Clothing

To Whom it May Concern:

Subject: Trommer & Associates, Inc.
Facility Planning Services

As Director of Distribution and Logistics for Rafaella Sportswear, I contacted Trommer & Associates in Akron, Ohio to assist our firm in the development of a short term and long term solution for our Distribution Operations.

I have previously worked with Trommer & Associates on prior projects and recommended that our management include them in their evaluation of Distribution Planning firms.

As a result of this review and the solutions developed by Trommer & Associates, the management team at Rafaella was very pleased with the services provided.

Due to our continuing business growth, Rafaella has outgrown the present Distribution Center and has supplemented distribution services through a 3PL provider.

Trommer & Associates worked on site, observing operations and gathering projection data in order to develop a sound understanding of our present and future requirements. This approach resulted in alternate solutions, with a detailed ROI provided for each alternate. The ROI analysis included facility and operational costs, labor and new equipment expenditures.

The recommendations provided by Trommer & Associates included a new facility size and internal equipment layout that would support our 5-year growth plan.

As the project moves forward, we will continue to utilize their services through the implementation of the plan.

If you are considering a new D.C. or an upgrade to an existing facility, we would highly recommend the services provided by Trommer & Associates.

John Telesca,
Director of Distribution and Logistics