Since 1975, our team has been assisting organizations of all sizes across a variety of industries with Material Handling System Design, Facility Planning and Long Range Planning. Our proven methodology delivers high quality results and an improved impact on our clients’ needs.

We have successfully assisted many of our clients with comprehensive efficient space planning and productivity improvements, evaluating their systems for flexibility as product and market changes take effect. Our clients have come to depend on our firm as an independent, outside source for reliable industry trends, news and ideas.

When working with you as a client, our goal is to resolve current challenges while laying the groundwork to prevent future problems. We never apply a cookie cutter approach to any of our projects; instead, we deliver customized solutions based on your specific needs with an eye to the long term impact on your business needs.

Our firm does not sell equipment and is not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer. This means we have no incentive to recommend anything but the very best equipment solution to meet your specific requirements.