Warehouse Space Planning

Trommer & Associates, Inc. uses the latest technologies in warehouse planning to give you the maximum benefit from your warehouse space. By utilizing the space you already have more efficiently, you can eliminate the need for costly moves and expensive building expansion.

Warehouse Space Planning Overview

Space planning involves reevaluating the space you have for work and storage by using advanced warehouse technologies, mixed storage media and a labor efficient layout to increase the efficiency of the space available. In many cases, “extra” space can be created simply by reorganizing what is already in place.

Trommer & Associates, Inc.'s engineers help companies expand into space they already have, instead of incurring the heavy costs required to find new space and relocate. This type of solution can reduce projected operating costs and allow businesses to remain operating without the need for downtime that a relocation would entail.

Storage Media

By taking advantage of a variety of storage media , what was formerly space designated for inventory can be opened up to provide additional workspace. Customized engineered solutions can maximize the space available, allowing for more compact storage and creating additional square footage for business operations.

In many cases, this type of warehouse space planning also increases productivity and accuracy. Properly engineered storage space means better organization, which can make items easier to find and access when needed. Being able to store more in the same square feet of space means being able to carry more inventory as well, cutting down on back-orders and increasing customer satisfaction.

Moving away from traditional storage media and using mixed storage options, technologies and automation improves operator efficiency and shaves operating costs. The benefits of a highly organized warehouse will trickle down to many areas of the company, cutting overall expenditures and improving worker efficiency.


Open space for growth can be created simply by making it possible for a company to expand into the space they have. Trommer & Associates, Inc. can evaluate operating areas and pinpoint the possible sectors for expansion.

Re-evaluation and reorganization are preferable to relocation in most cases. Relocation can cause disruption to the running of a business, mandatory downtime, and expenses in excess of the advantages gained by relocating.

In contrast, warehouse space planning is a cost effective way to maximize usable space in a current location, which can increase efficiency and decrease operating costs.