Edge Entertainment Distribution

Case Studies - Edge Entertainment Distribution

Location: Streetsboro, Ohio
Facility Size: 42,350 Square Feet


Arrow Distribution and Galaxy Distribution, Streetsboro, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania respectively, merged to form a new company, Edge Entertainment Distribution in order to remain competitive in the shrinking market of CD and DVD distribution. The new operation would be based in the Streetsboro location and would combine the best technologies of both companies (RF pick at Arrow and a GBI Tilt-Tray Sorter at Galaxy) without increasing the existing operating space.

Because of the competitive nature of recorded media distribution, the implementation of the system could not interfere with the day-to-day operation. The existing system had to remain in place and operational throughout start-up as back-up so that no shipments would be missed.


Trommer & Associates, Inc. designed a system that converted a one man/one order pick operation at Arrow to a batch pick methodology. The new system utilized the GBI sorter to sort the picks into customer order requirements. A conveyor system was added to reduce picker walk time and to transport completed orders to packing and manifesting.

In order to make room for the GBI sorter and new shipping system, a rearrangement of non-picking functions had to be done prior to the start of the installation. Once the system was commissioned, the existing shipping system was removed and additional storage media was installed.


Edge Distribution is now shipping 80% more orders per day out of the same building without increasing operating space with a net reduction in headcount.

Additional benefits include:

Implemented the change without an interruption to business.
Capacity exists for additional increases in business.
Net Distribution labor was reduced by 22.9% while increasing orders by 80%.