Diebold DGAMS

Diebold DGAMS

To Whom It May Concern:

We have recently completed a project with Trommer & Associates that incorporated five operations into one new Returns Processing Center. Based on that experience, I can recommend Trommer & Associates, Inc. of Akron, Ohio to you without reservation.

Diebold Global Asset Management Services (DGAMS) expanded their responsibilities to include monitoring, tracking, reprocessing and disposition of canceled sales order material. Coupled with the existing business of refurbishing and remarketing ATMs taken as trade-in units from financial institutions, we required a larger building. As part of the move, a corporate decision was made to combine another existing returns operation from another division into the new facility, and also eliminate off-site processing or storage of Diebold owned inventory.

Trommer & Associates worked closely with the operations people of all of the groups to be consolidated into the new facility. Based on their review, they developed a building specification to meet our current and future requirements. They then used the specification to evaluate a number of potential facilities and were an active part of the selection team.

Once the site was selected, there was a limited amount of time to design the layout, order material, rearrange and supplement existing pallet rack with new materials, and move the different groups into the building. Due to Diebolds previous experience with Trommer & Associates and their familiarity with the project, we hired them as Project Manager to oversee and coordinate all aspects of the project.

The build was complicated and involved the movement of storage media from three other Diebold facilities into a facility that the previous tenant still occupied. The build plan developed by Trommer minimized disruption and worked with minimal adjustment throughout the project.

Their oversight and attention to detail allowed me and my management team to concentrate on consolidating the various operations while performing our day-to-day work. The result of their efforts was a project that was implemented on schedule, without the loss of production, or more importantly, an impact on customer service.

If you are planning a new facility or a rearrangement of your current operation, I would recommend using Trommer & Associates. They give you frank answers and deliver a system that meets your needs.

If you would like to discuss this project or our experience with Trommer, please feel free to call me.

John Simon
Vice President
Customer Finance and
Asset Management Service