To whom it may concern:

It is with pleasure that I can recommend Trommer & Associates, Inc. of Akron, Ohio to you.

As the Director of Global Service Logistics for Diebold I was challenged with a rapidly growing service business across the globe while using two buildings 30 miles apart for the repair and distribution of service parts. Both facilities were behind the times in layout and productivity. We needed to make major changes if we were to provide the service demanded by a global economy.

To do this with internal facilities people was not a viable option as they have little to no warehouse design knowledge and in fact had signed us up for a building that would not support our current business. Thus we turned to Trommer & Associates, Inc. to help us design both the warehouse and the repair operation. The goal was to meet the challenges we faced within the confines of the defined building.

Trommer & Associates, Inc. worked closely with our operations people to learn our business and develop solutions that would get the job done. They designed the layout, picked the storage and conveyor systems, developed the specification sheets and reviewed bidding for it all. When we had cost constraints they adjusted and provided alternatives. They setup site visits to show us how the systems work in the real world and not just on paper.

Next we were faced with moving the two operations without causing major disruptions in the business. Again a solution was found via a company that Trommer & Associates, Inc. recommended. Over 200 truckloads of material were moved over two 3-day weekends. Each of the 30,000 different part numbers was slotted to its new home before departing the old facility thanks to Trommer & Associates, Inc.

Once in the new facility, Trommer & Associates, Inc. worked with our team to iron out any bugs in the system and help train our associates on the new way of doing business. They continue to support us in our efforts to be world class.

So if you and your staff are stretched doing your day-to-day business and need a project team that will get you to the next level. I would suggest that Trommer & Associates, Inc. could be the answer. They will lead your team and do most of the detail planning needed to get you there. Should you want to visit our operation or just talk with us about our experience, I would be happy to do so.

Bob Fletcher
Diebold North America
Service Support
Director Service Logistics