Nature's Way

Case Studies - Nature's Way

Location: Springville, Utah
Facility Size: 150,400 Square Feet
Warehouse Size: 110,400 Square Feet
Manufacturing Size: 40,000 Square Feet

Nature's Way, the nation's leading natural health care product company, broke ground June 6th to expand its current headquarters by 121,000 square feet. The expansion cost $6.4 million and more than double the headquarters' current size.

"We have experienced phenomenal growth," said Ken Murdock, chairman of Nature's Way. "This ambitious expansion is based on in-depth studies we have conducted on our company's projected growth. The expansion will provide the space we will need through the next several years. At that time, we will reevaluate our position and probably expand again."

The expansion meets three specific areas of need for Nature's Way; additional manufacturing space, warehouse storage and office space.

The manufacturing area will be expanded by 34,000 square feet, warehouse space will be expanded by 57,000 square feet, and there will be an additional 29,600 square feet of office space for a grand total of 121,000 additional square footage

"In accordance with Nature's Way philosophy, the facility will be as environmentally-friendly as possible ," said Murdock. "It will feature extensive natural lighting, as well as energy efficient heating and cooling systems. This coinciding with the extensive recycling efforts we already conduct within the office."

Trommer & Associates, Inc. located in Akron, Ohio assisted Nature's Way in the planning and configuration of the expansion. In addition to the expansion, Nature's Way is installing a new $2 million fully automated warehouse distribution system. Designed by Trommer & Associates, Inc., the automated system fits into Nature's Way expansion plans because it will allow the company to respond quicker to orders, more accurately fill orders, and handle more orders.

"This expansion is a monumental benchmark in the 26 year history of our company. It will allow us to double our work force and provide our customers with even better service," added Murdock.