Your Warehouse Space Planning Affects Your Efficiency

Proper warehouse space planning and distribution planning is the backbone of every successful company. The functionality of a physical facility depends on more than the cubic feet of space available - it's how you use the space that counts!

Trommer & Associates' warehouse consulting engineers ensure that the space and the people working in it mesh correctly, designing real world solutions that take every possible factor into account from operational flow to employee productivity:

  • What is the right amount of space? The product, type of equipment, safety regulations, number of employees, storage expectations and inventory projections all have to work together. Space can always be adapted to meet storage needs, but being able to work efficiently in the space is also a priority.
  • What are future company expectations? Always allow for maximum warehouse needs, including peak inventory and shipping times. Expansion is also a concern - plan 3-5 years ahead to avoid having to move every time your business outgrows your building.
  • Is your industry expert providing the right skill set? Industry standards don't always apply to the real issues. Is your expert concentrating on people or logistics? While the technical side of space planning is important, equal time should be spent with the managers and employees who have to deal with the day to day operation.

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