Jenne Distributors

Case Studies - Jenne Distributors

Location: Avon, Ohio
Facility Size: 60,000 Square Feet

Jenne Distributors, located in Avon, Ohio, distributes phones, phone systems, software, and phone system peripherals for installers, service technicians and 3rd party suppliers.

The original 31,000 square foot Distribution Center was expanded to its current configuration and size of approximately 60,000 square feet in order to support projected growth and maintain Jenne Distributors high level of customer service. Jenne ships same day orders received as late as 5:00 PM. In order to achieve a high level of customer service and same day shipments, Trommer & Associates was hired to assist in the planning and implementation of the facility and the internal material handling system.

Orders are continually printed, and picked, during the day with a heavy insurgence between the hours of 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This allows employees, which are cross-trained, to complete all Receiving & Replenishment operations in the morning. Orders are picked from Full Pallets, Decked Case Shelves, Flow Rack, Static Shelving, and Conveyor Supported Shelving. Orders needing picked from both locations will be transported, via conveyor, from the Fast Pick Area to the Medium to Slow Pick Area. Orders are picked to a tote and placed on the takeaway conveyor to be transported to the Packing Area. The Packing Area supports sixteen (16) Packing Workstations and multiple tote orders will be consolidated at one station. Lane designation and "Large Order Workstation" consolidation are also used via the sortation system. Once the orders are packed and labeled, they are transported on the shipping conveyor to the FEDEX lane, UPS Lane, or to the All Others lane. Prior to diverting, an in-motion scale and sizing scanner is utilized to automatically weigh and size the cartons for manifesting.

A Trash Removal System supports both picking lines, packing, and receiving and delivers the material to a combination automatic feed/manual feed compactor.

Trommer & Associates, Inc., has worked as the system integrators on many projects, and have developed an on going business partnership with Jenne Distributors.