Case Studies - Interstate-McBee

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Facility Size: 89,625 Square Feet - Total
Location: 61,150 Square Feet
Facility Size: 28,475 Square Feet


Interstate-McBee, a manufacturer/distributor of fuel injectors and rebuild components for diesel engines needed to expand their Manufacturing capabilities to keep pace with a growing market. In order to keep Manufacturing under one roof, the Distribution operation needed to be relocated. Distribution had to remain near Manufacturing in order to maintain response time and fill rate. New Construction was not an option which meant using an existing facility in the immediate area. The available buildings were a mix of old manufacturing facilities and/or warehouses that were not conducive to an automated distribution system. The selected site was an old steel processing facility a block away from Manufacturing.


Trommer & Associates, Inc. determined the size requirement of the new facility and assisted in the review of possible sites. After the site was selected, Trommer recommended building modifications that enhanced the final distribution operation. These recommendations included the addition of 2 internal truck docks, partially filling an interior rail siding, and raising the floor of the gasket making and kitting areas to the warehouse level.

The storage media was adjusted in the new facility to more closely match the inventory. Overstock inventory was relocated to the forward pick locations. A conveyor system was included to transport completed orders from the pick areas to either packing and shipping or to the kitting department. This eliminated travel time and reduced headcount. Additional process changes, the introduction of new tools and work aids increased productivity in all areas.


Interstate-McBee saw a decrease in order turn-around time and was better able to respond to the customers' need for same day shipments.

Additional benefits include:
Reduced receipt processing time by 15%
Increased inventory accuracy from 88% to 95% through better use of storage media.
Reduction in labor costs in excess of 33%.
Eliminated safety concerns.