Diebold Incorporated

Case Studies - Diebold Incorporated

Location: North Canton, Ohio
Facility Size: 158,500 Square Feet


Diebold, Incorporated was improving the process of storing returned equipment from canceled sales orders and needed additional operating and storage space. Therefore, Trommer & Associates provided a new Returns Center, a special projects facility, for returns and software support. However, while these functions are under one roof, their inventories needed to be separated because each area had their own environmental and security needs.

The new facility also had to be flexible for adapting to Diebold’s changing customer needs.


Trommer & Associates worked extensively with Diebold to determine the size and requirements of the new facility.

After evaluating several buildings, Trommer & Associates and Diebold selected a building that was occupied by Diebold’s property owner, who was currently working in that facility. In order for Diebold to move into the new building, the property owner would have to move simultaneously into the building Diebold was vacating, which increased the difficulty of the relocation.

A material handling layout was developed, which incorporated new material and existing components from multiple Diebold locations.

Trommer & Associates scheduled the contractors, ordered the materials and monitored the progress. The project lasted three months. During that time, every piece of storage equipment was moved, which included inventory from three locations, a production operation and the supporting office staff. All of the moves had to occur without disruption of business to Diebold or their property owner.


The Diebold Returns Center has four separate operating units. The resources in those units can be quickly accessed to meet a customer demand.

Additional benefits include:

Additional benefits include:
Eliminated the need for off-site storage
Eliminated safety concerns
Decreased receipt processing time by 25 percent
Increased productivity